What is Making America So Sick?

From political and social change, economic decline, environmental destruction and a global pandemic, we are facing events never seen before in history. This pandemic has highlighted the inequalities within the system, access to healthcare, nutritious food and the right to a healthy future. North America, specifically the United States, has been one of the hardest hit places, partially due to underlying health conditions and malfunctioning immune systems. The environmental illness is reflected in our own compromised health. We have all begun to realize our failing resiliency, but the question not being addressed is, “ What is Making America so Sick?”. Our food system is fundamentally broken and exposure to pesticides and GMOs in the foods we consume daily are wreaking havoc on our health. Join Dr. Michelle Perro and Dr. Shanhong Lu in an open and honest discussion to peel back the layers regarding America’s health, “Neuroinflammation Nation”, and what we can do to combat the system that has created this vast vulnerability.