MD’s National Glyphosate Survey

Shanhong Lu, MD, PhD, Internist and Advisory Board Member of GMOScience, and Michelle Perro, MD, Pediatrician and Executive Director of GMOScience, team up for a half-hour seminar on immunological function with a focus on glyphosate.  Dr. Lu will discuss immune senescence and Dr. Perro will bring to light the present status of pediatricians and the role of pesticides in diagnosis and toxicity in children.
Drs. Lu and Perro are calling out to physicians to join our National Detoxification Awareness beginning with self-urinary testing for glyphosate.  For interested MDs, please fill out the questionnaire here:  MD Glyphosate Questionnaire
And test your urine on our website or go here:
Dr. Perro and Dr. Lu in China